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Herbal relaxing drink and soothing to heart with digestive herbs. Contains best quality of Brahmi(gotucola) ,Shankhapushpi, Ella, Arjuna Vasaka,sunthi,Nagarmotha,Dalchini.

  • Very good for helping to detoxification process in body
  • Centella asiatica(brahmi) and convolvulus pluricaulis(Shankhapushpi) increases concentraion, relieves stress & anxiety.

  • Increases immune system,purify blood, antioxidant, increases energy & haemoglobin.
  • 100% pure and natural
  • Our pure, natural and India-Himalaya grown Wheat grass powder is made from only the young nutritious shoots of organically produced wheat grass.
  • Grown in the clean, green and firtile soil of Himalaya- India, Rishikesh ayurvedashala grass powder is rich in wide base of natural nutrients including clorophill, vitamins, antioxidants and dietary fiber.


Ayurveda Cones Natural Medicinal Ingredients used in balancing Vata-Kapha, removing Stress, Sinusitis, Migraine, Mental stress, Headache and removing negative energy from houses, During Yoga Meditatation gives relaxing effect. All these properties are detailed in the ancient Indian Text of Ayurveda.

JEEVAN KALPA RASAYANAM Quite effective for
  • Post panch-karma rasayan therapy
  • Gives new life rejuvenates body tissues
  • Balancing body constitution
  • Increases focus of concentration
  • anti-oxidant natures gift

Also usefull in anaemia, weakness, loss of energy, cough and cold,

  • Safe for children
  • No preservatives
  • No bulking agent
  • Hand made
  • Special wild picked herbs

Doges: Adults: 15 gms with breakfast daily, Children : 5 gms


Each 10 gm contains: Ashta warga herbs 2.0 gms, himalayan goose berries 3.00 gms, ghee 1 gm, ela 0.2 gm, vanslochanam 0.2 gm, jayphalam 0.2gm, javitri 0.2 gm, tejpatram 0.2 gm, longam 0.2gm, rose 0.2 gm, dhanyakam 0.2 gm, swet jeerakam 0.2 gm, dalchini 0.2 gm, Muktashuktikam 0.2 gm, makardhwajam 20 mg, abhrak bhasma 20 mg, sharkara QS.
(Ay.S.S. page no. 546)