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Price List for all Treatments
Ayurveda Consultation 25 12 Doctor - Pulse diagnosis, Prakruti analysis, diet & food supplements for maintenance of health & cure.
Shirodhara (oil/milk/takra/decoction) 35 25 good for relaxation, calming, concentration, sleep & very good for hair beauty, Insomnia, anxiety, stress,
Abhayanga (Ayurvedic oil Massage whole body) 45 - 60 20 Nourishes body tissues and skin, Relaxes body mind and Muscles, Increases blood circulation and maintains good health, prevents all diseases
Steam bath (herbal) 25 7 Medicinal plants vapors sweating of whole body, relaxes muscles and joints, opens pores of skin.
Reflexology (sole) 30 10 Acupressure reflexology on sole to relax whole body and mind and enhances immunity
Head & shoulder abhayanga 45 - 60 16 Head and shoulder oil massage to relax head and shoulder and removes pain
Nasayam (nose) 30 12 Sinus cleaning – very good for sinusitis, smell, headache, migrain, face beauty – dark circle around eyes.
Netra Basti (eye) 35 15 Eye Cleaning – very good for eyes, hypo & hypermetropia, computure person, dry eye, stressfull eyes, dark circle around eyes.
Basti (colon) 35 15 Colon cleaning – good for constipation, gastritis, nervous system, balancing vata.
Kawal/gandoosh (mouth) 15 3 Mouth cleaning – good for bad smell of oral cavity
Pinda swedan (dry/fresh) 45 - 60 16 Whole body medicinal herbs bundle heat fomentation, very good for joints & muscular pain.
Udawartana (powder) 45 - 60 16 Skin (deep) exfoliation with choorn, for fatty person, weight reducing.
Ayurvedic Facial (beauty) 45 - 60 25 Beautify face, for dark circle, wrinkles, loose skin, pimples, Acne.
Shirobasti (oil on head) 45 35 Head cleaning – good for anxiety, depression, migraine, insomnia and mental stress.
Shashtishali (Milk-Rice Massage) 60 - 90 30 Beautify whole body, nourishes whole body skin tissues, good for dry and rough skin.
Kati Basti (oil on back) 30 - 40 12 Back pain, spinal problem, sciatica pain, lumber pain.
Sarwang Dhara (Pizhichil – whole body oil bath) 60 45 Bathing of whole body with oils – good for skin and muscles, weakness and soften body tissue, gives nourishing effect on whole body.
Mud bath 45 - 60 16 Skin cleaning - Himalayan clay application all over body – increase blood circulation and remover toxins from body
Body scrub 45 - 60 24 Herbal exfoliation with salt whole body to take off dead skin tissues
Dhoom pan (smoking) 9 puffs 3 Ayurvedic herbs smoking to balances vata and kapha, cleans sinus and head.
Panch Karma
(Detox and rejuvenation)
Panch karma therapy for its purificatory role is a general way of management of disease and maintenance of health Therefore, the procedure remains more or less same in every disease, only few specifications alter.
3 days
1 week
2 week
(including food and stay)
It is like a servicing whole body, mind and soul with lot of oils to improve our mental and physical performance with natural way of magic healing system
- Dr Maurya

Benefits -
  • Remission of disease, perpetuation of good health.
  • Process of ageing being slowed down.
  • Improvement of the function of the sense organs, mind and intellect.
  • Improves of the skin and body complexion.
  • Enhancement of physical procreation.
  • Enhancement of sexual vigour.
  • Improves functioning of gastric fire.